Dorset Road Race Results 2010

Dorset Road Race Results

The results for the Gilly Hilly are now included.
If you find any errors in the results please email me as soon as possible.

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The team positions for the most recent race are available here.


Here are the provisional final positions with best 7 races to count for 2011 for both individuals and clubs.

The rules for this year on the League Page

When Iím 64, why do you insist on putting me in the 65-70 category? Just like the Queen you have an official birthday for the League. You can only compete in one category for each season so you are treated as though you were born on 1st January.

Rolling Stones? Isnít that a famous rock group? Members of this group have moved between two league clubs in mid-season. They continue to count as individuals and could win the league. Their results stand for their old club but they donít score for their new club until the next season.

In two minds what to call yourself? We have over 1400 runners who have competed in the last 12 months and the only way we can match them is by name and club. We don't mind what you call yourself but please don't change it too often during the year or we shall be suggesting a name for you!