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You can interrogate this database to find the results of individual races in the Dorset RRL. The provisional results for the second race of 2020, Blackmore Vale Half, are now included.  If you spot any errors please email: drrl_results (or if you are nervous of any dire warnings you receive when you click the link you can type in the email address as on the image above.)

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*Starred races only for U17 competition.

Remember not to select impossible combinations or you won't find any results!


The team positions for the most recent race are available here.

In the event of a tie on points the position of the team's last runner determines the team position.

Here are the positions after the first race. Over the season, the final position is based on the best seven races over the full year for both individuals and clubs.

15 -17 year olds can only compete in a limited number of races so the 15 - 17 competition is based on the best three of four selected races over the full year. (See England Athletics Rules for Competitions; it doesn't mean that a 17 year old could not win the overall competition and so the League Positions show ALL competitors.)

DRRL League Rules can be found at 

When Iím 64, why do you insist on putting me in the 65-70 category? Just like the Queen you have an official birthday for the League. You can only compete in one category for each season so you are treated as though you were born on 1st January.

In two minds what to call yourself? 985 runners competed in 2019 and the only way we can match them is by name and club. We don't mind what you call yourself but please don't change it too often during the year or we shall be suggesting a name for you!

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